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Club Arrowhead Sweeps PNQ!!

Club Arrowhead took the 2017 PNQ tournament with 3 nationals bids!!  All three teams went to Washington with the determination to win a bid and did just that!! What a phenomenal weekend it was all players pushing themselves to the limit and parents cheering them on all the way to the gold!!  Thank you coaches, players and parents for such an amazing weekend!

Arrowhead 15 Rage - Champions for 15 USA Division
Arrowhead 15 Invasion - Champions for 15 American Division
Arrowhead 17 Nike Elite - 3rd place USA Division 


USA High Performance Tryouts on March 31st

The USA High Performance Tryout in Phoenix will be held on March 31st from 4-8 p.m. at Court One. 

This is the only tryout in Phoenix this season. 

For more information, go here.

Maise Jesse on 12 National Savage Team On Saving the Ocean

At my school I recently learned about the trash polluting our oceans.   Plastic is non-biodegradable, which means it will never decompose or go away.  It will only break down into smaller and then even smaller pieces.   For more
information go to   

To save our oceans it will take teamwork.  If every Arrowhead player/team did not use plastic water bottles at our tournaments or practices, we could save hundreds of pieces of trash from hurting our environment.  As for your plastic
bottles, have a specific recycle can set up at your camps.  There are other ways to hydrate during practices and tournaments, you can use the washable gatorage water bottles, or hydro flasks.  There are many ways to help our ocean, 
but we will all have to make an effort.  So, please lets set ourselves up for success. Kill the pollution, and pass this message
on to others. 

Why I Won't Pay For Club Volleyball

To My Daughter Allie,

Why I don’t Pay for Club Volleyball:

During a recent dinner one of my friends asked, "Why do you pay so much for club volleyball?, Below is a summary of my answer, I wanted you to know what I really “pay” for and what I hope you gain from these experiences. The truth is I never intend to pay for club volleyball.

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